Kate Holford

Curatorial artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Art Director of Stillpoint Magazine.




I, Lithium

A research project for the completion of M(Litt) Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) at Glasgow School of Art / University of Glasgow.

> Studying forms of autoethnography and fictionalised correspondence, the research aims to decipher curatorial methodologies that can resist the slow and immediate violences of late capitalist extraction and individualism.

> Involving drawing and photography, the research project bridges analogue and digital interfaces in an attempt to uncover the artefacts that are left in the liminal space between the “here” and the “not here”.

> At points, the project takes the material of lithium as a route of enquiry, allowing this to prompt reflections on acts of mining; the ecological, the psychological, and the bodily.

> Building an array of narratives that switch across platforms and temporal spaces, the texts that form part of the research aim to deliberately incite instability, alluding to experiences of contemporary psychological conditions such as: overwhelm, exhaustion, alienation, and (eventual) demoralisation.

> The research considers examples of letter-writing as both a form by which to express intimacy, and as a mode of resistance against alienation (which is noted as a side-effect of interacting with others through spaces of militarized, digital surveillance).

Website coming soon.

> Key Terms:
slow violence, slow curating, intimacy, extraction, vulnerability, nonsovereignty, semiotics,  militarisation, surveillance, coloniality, signification, artefaction, domestication, ecology, compassion, dialogical practices