[Dear Lithium,]


I: Dear Lithium,: a collection of texts and analogue images that form a single ‘object’, brought together in the shape of a envelope. This object can be found in a public book exchange near the site of the UK’s first pilot lithium extraction plant, United Downs, Cornwall. This is the only edition in circulation.

[4 booklets & 2 letter bundles, with loose photographic prints (35mm Ilford HP5 photographs/ Olympus OM10).]

II: dear-lithum.exposed: a website interrogating the effects of the digital/non-digital divide on experience of place, intimacy, and desire, in an age of increasing reliance on technological interfaces for creating and maintaining relationships with others.

> A research project for the completion of M(Litt) Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) at Glasgow School of Art / University of Glasgow.