Curatorial artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Art Director of Stillpoint Magazine.



Maybe then, you can leave the recordings in a place for them to be found. Perhaps there is a way to point to them, although, this leaves you with a foreboding, dividing one from another. There is the proposition of overwriting, over-speaking, not in contradiction but in moving it forward. If it’s one demarcation of land you are traipsing over repeatedly then can you call it moving in any direction? You sit by a Richard Long worn into the grass by Picasso running laps, donning hiking sticks and an Everlast chest. You resolve to come back, simulate the feeling of reaching over the crest of the hill of the park, the mutt heeling as if it your own, the saying enough.

You could also say I’m drawing the line but that would mean nothing to the other, would zero-sum to an O, to the hole left by the drawing pin at the top of the page.