Curatorial artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Art Director of Stillpoint Magazine.



You cut the minister from the frame and look instead at the dark wood of the banisters, green leather. The militant space of the disappeared screen screwed up in your palm. You experience an exorcism:

Method of dissemination as the curatorial as the means by which the Self materialises including images created which are preoccupations or manifestations of the Self’s desires memories tricks etc. e.g. I am repeatedly looking to scenes of destruction in the desert enough that these become tied into my relationship with my Self e.g. how I understand my aesthetic or my Self in the world the desert image could be anything but its position as a motif is what makes it relevant to the self in the work can interview and dialogue be a site for things to be referred to and therefore revelatory where I could go am going next includes apparently this state as a zone of implicit confrontation

The plod of coherence is a ruse, a distraction.