Curatorial artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Art Director of Stillpoint Magazine.



The specific attributes of the closed letter are that it is not within a network of others’, but directly related to the You. It is a single trajectory bullet.

And there is the writing of it, the time before and the time during and the time after. The performativity of the action, repeated. And then, suddenly, it isn’t--as soon as one in the chain breaks the pattern. Not me, you assure You, I’m hooked.

But still, you are not telling You the whole truth. They pick you up on an inconsistency, and you are caught out, unable to reference a text you no longer own. That’s the beauty of it, you suppose, putting your lines in the hands of someone else’s authority. You tell yourself it’s a way of staying above it, above the self.

And with that, you sign off with a tiny little sickle sneer of a kiss.