> Pamphlet of 14 poems written between 2016-2018. Edition of 28, hand finished.

> Produced upon the occasion of the solo exhibition In The Stories There Is An Abundance (2018).


> Page 7

I Wonder How You’d Watch Me Cut a Pear

    ~ For J.B.

We are wide strokes
in the room, three pieces.
I work; the frown, the parting of lips

a sight only for me, and him

Diagonal slants of light
display the rising of those
familiar darts in air -
dust no longer skin.

And with it, the slow repetition:
wrist slicing the fruit
with pressure, he watches you
watching me

while flesh slips


Later, he unweaves his knees
from comfort, kindly, quiet

A stand then, to leave from the kitchen table.

A cup
a placing of it on the side
astride the knife.
No sounds, but water
like coastal paths, falling

Stones flag the floor
and his steps are silent,
leaving light, and fossilised depressions.


Oh my love, so we are left;
I pass the fruit, a piece in each hand
to your lips,
and watch you carefully, eat